June 25, 2017

39-year old man who rapes 9-year old girl claims “the devil made me do it”

A 39-year old carpenter in Ogun State has told police that the devil is to blame for his raping a nine-year old girl. The Vanguard reports that the victim, a primary school student in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, was lured into the home of the suspect, her neighbour, where she was raped. The suspect, identified as Emmanuel Ojelade, is married and with children of his own. According to the police report, Ojelade lured the victim into his room while his family was away and pretended to want her help on an errand. He then locked her in the room ...

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Man found guilty of raping five-year-old girl fined N80,000

It would seem justice can be evaded for a price at a Benin Magistrate Court where 39-year-old Saturday Udoh was sentenced to five years in prison, with an option of paying a N80,000 fine for raping a five year old girl. Chief Magistrate Mike Osayi, who handed down the lax judgement, admitted that the prosecution led by Sergeant Shaibu Mohammed proved its case beyond reasonable doubt, but gave no explanation as to why the fine option was included in his ruling. The prosecution told the court that Udoh committed the hideous crime on May 31, at Falodun Country Home Motel ...

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10-year-old Colombian girl gives birth to healthy baby girl

At that age, many young girls are focused on dressing up dolls and playing tea house, but this 10-year-old Colombian girl shocked the nation when she joined the ranks of world’s youngest mother, giving birth to a health baby girl. The Daily Mail reported that the girl, a member of an indigenous tribe called the Wayuu who are based in La Guajira Peninsula in the north of the country, carried a pregnancy to term (39 weeks) before giving birth via Caesarean section to her little girl. According to the report from the Daily Mail, the pre-teen saw a doctor as ...

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