June 25, 2017

Review Category : OP-ED

2012 Budget: N280 Million for 2 Bullet Proof Cars and N1 Billion for Food for Jonathan/Sambo

During the 2012 Budget Presentation delivered by President Goodluck Jonathan to the joint session of the National Assembly earlier this month, there was a lot said about fiscal responsibility and prudence in spending. However with the Presidency likey to acquire two bullet proof vehicles next year for N280 million, as well as spending N1billion on meals in 2012, Nigerians have got to be wondering: how fiscally responsible is that? Recent reports from the Nation revealed that under the “replacement of aged vehicles of the presidential ground fleet (PGF)”,  N280 million is set aside for two bullet proof vehicles for President Goodluck ...

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Same-Sex Marriage: “Professor Soyinka’s Comments Unfortunate”- Makinde

The Nobel Laureate said this in response to the controversial bill approved by members of the National Assembly that bans and criminalises same-sex marriage and relationships, making it punishable by a decade or more in prison. Professor Soyinka said as follows: “The problem with legislators is that they fail to distinguish between personal bills and interventions in private lives. That is the problem. I see no reason why they should intervene in the private lives of adults. What people do in their bedrooms is no business of mine. It should not be the business of legislators. “But at the same ...

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No Fuel Subsidy in Nigeria; Only Mismanagement of Economy

Written by O.A. Fakinlede To ask if the fuel subsidy should be removed is to ask the wrong question. A question that must first be answered satisfactorily is if there is any subsidy at all. My dictionary defines a subsidy as a “grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public”. By that definition, no government in Nigeria has ever paid a subsidy on fuel. There was never any grant given to a productive enterprise. What we have is a fait accompli resulting from Naira devaluation by criminally neglecting to support the productive sectors of the economy. ...

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