July 27, 2017

Review Category : PEOPLE

Interview with Ameerah Haq, Senior Representative to the Secretary General for Timor-Leste

More updates on my freelancing work at the United Nations Association. Last month I conducted a phone interview with Ameerah Haq on the topic of women in high-ranking positions at the United Nations. The audio slideshow I created as a result accompanied an article written by Barbara Crossette for the 03 March edition of the United Nations Association bulletin. The article by Crossette gives more detail of Ameerah Haq’s career and her recent promotion. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appointed Haq his Senior Representative for Timor Leste, making her one of the only two female peace-keeping chiefs. In my interview ...

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Jewelry Sculpture: The Birth of Comotroovaysa

The three neckpieces that were on display at the Loom in Bushwick, could best be described as part jewelry, part sculpture and all unconventional. Designed by Haitian-American artist, Joanne Petit-Frere, these neckpieces, part of the Comotroovaysa series, were made to stand out. In that sense both artwork and artist are alike, as Petit-Frere opts to not blend in. “As a freshman, I was just trying to prove myself through crazy wardrobe,” said Petit-Frere, who attended F.I.T. for two years. “I gotta be eccentric and crazy with colors and prints.” During her internship at Ralph Lauren’s Women Collection, Petit-Frere toned down ...

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Home Swinger, A New Kind of Sound

If the six strings on your plain ol’ guitar just doesn’t cut it anymore, then Yuri Landman has the solution: a twelve-string instrument called the Home Swinger, capable of complex tones that your run-of-the-mill acoustic may not achieve. Landman, from the Netherlands, created the Home Swinger instrument, a spinoff of a previous instrument of his called the Mood Swinger. He created the first Home Swinger last year. It took Landman all of two hours to complete his latest instrument when the inspiration struck. ...

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Shoe Shine With Attitude

All right. I am going to keep this one short and quite simple. On the corner of 47th street and 6th Avenue in New York, I came across this charming New Yorker who makes a living persuading passersby into getting a shoe shine. ...

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A Farm In A Loft

Be it rooftops, windows, fire escapes, a truck bed or neighbor’s backyard, the urban farming movement is spreading in New York City. Residents, looking to create accessibility fresh produce, are growing in every nook and cranny of this populous city. “The poorer the neighborhood, the worse the access is to quality food,” said Lee Mandell. The 48-year-old Bushwick resident is the founder of Boswyck Farms, a hydroponic farm he runs right from his Dekalb loft home. ...

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Pearl The Mime

All the earth really must be a stage because New York’s underground subway maze is filled with performers, one of whom is Margot Carr, a.k.a., Pearl the Mime. She stands out in her red costume – large, voluminous skirt, a tinkling scarf at her waist, an off-white wig topped with a funny red hat, and pretty white angel wings. She is a known performance at the 42nd Street Time Square stop, but also takes her act above ground. I catch up with her at the Pier. Here is the interview. ...

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