July 27, 2017

Review Category : CRIME

Corrective Rapes in South Africa: A Lesbian War Zone

Millicent Gaika and her friend set out on the short walk down Native Yard 1 Road in Gugulethu on 2 April 2010. Her home was a mere five houses away so 30-year-old Gaika felt at ease about the quick walk, guided by street lamps and in the company of a friend. A man who lived in the neighborhood as well stopped them on the way home – he asked for a cigarette. Gaika, who had grown up in this neighborhood, knew the man who had approached them and saw nothing suspect in sharing a cigarette with him. Her friend walked ...

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Nigeria’s Religious Conflict.

Sunday, 17 January 2010 began as a quiet day in the already tense city of Jos in Plateau State in Nigeria. The crisis-ridden city has been the site of many territorial conflicts that often resulted in the bloodshed of innocent and this day, a mere 16 days into the new year, would prove no different. Complete mayhem descended when clashes between Christians and Muslims occurred causing government officials to 24-hour curfew on the city of Jos. “I was coming out of the [church] service on Sunday when somebody called me on the phone and told me we should hurry up ...

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