July 27, 2017

India accused of “evicting Nigerians” after Nigerian is murdered in Goa

Matters between Nigeria and India are a tad tense at the moment and it isn’t hard to understand why – not only was a Nigerian murdered in scenic Goa, but a local legislator has picked just such a moment to liken Nigerians in the country to a “cancer.” Hardly complimentary.

According to the Vanguard, the Nigeria High Commission spokesman Tokunbo Falohun condemned the killing of the Nigerian as “cold-blooded”.

Goan local media reported that one Nigerian was “hacked to death” and another five suffering knife wounds. While Nigeria cries foul, local law enforcement in the resort state have put the murder down as the result of a turf war between local and Nigerian drug traffickers.

About 53 Nigerians were arrested last week in Goa when about 200 of them came out to protest the killing.

The protest only served to turn Indian authorities on Nigerians. Goa’s chief minister Manohar Parrikar, after the disruptive protest, urged police to track down Nigerians living in India illegally and flush them out.

A minister in the state’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party government, Dayanand Mandrekar, stirred more controversy by saying: “Nigerians are like cancer”.

Falohun of the Nigerian High Commission is having none of it. The envoy is demanding that the guilty party be apprehended and brought to justice and the family of the victim compensated. He also warned that Nigeria, home to a “large Indian community working in Nigeria”, is capable of payback if Goa did not stop “evicting Nigerians”.

“There are two temples in Lagos and all Indians have freedom to worship and for their other activities. We also are demanding the same,” Falohun added.

Meanwhile, India’s foreign ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin is certain that relations between both countries would not devolve further.

“We have been assured that the investigation (into the murder) is underway,” he said.

Goa’s chief minister said Monday state police were close to arresting those responsible for the Nigerian’s death, Vanguard reports.

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