June 25, 2017

Beyonce pulled off stage by “excited” fan, watch her reaction (VIDEO)

Beyonce must have the most eager fans in the world.

The star singer in her tours and performance concerts has had to deal with zealous gestures of affection from fans, not the least of which was having a rear smacked by one hands-on fan, but the “Grown Woman” always handles every situation with aplomb.

Sunday night in Brazil was no different. Beyonce was performing her hit song “Irreplaceable” and stopped to interact with a fan who got a tad to wound up and literally pulls her off stage. Guards immediately came to her rescue, pulling her back on stage and setting on the eager fan.

Beyonce continues the performance like nothing happened, but then stops when she realizes her overexcited fan was being escorted off the concert grounds in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She tells the guards to let him be, saying “it’s ok, he just got excited, it’s alright.”

That earned the roaring approval of the crowd. She shakes the fan’s hand and asks his name before going about her business. Watch the video below. It has to be said, hats off to Beyonce for handling that with some grace.

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