June 25, 2017

Man arrested in connection with 10 murders in Lagos

Lagos State Police Command have arrested 32-year old Adigun Muda in connection with the murders of 10 people in the Mushin and Fadeyi areas.

He was arrested at South Africa Visa Application center in Ikeja. The suspect is linked to the Black Axe cult and is said to have committed the murders between 2010 and 2013.

Police have been on the hunt for the alleged serial killer for some time now. He was declared a wanted man over a year ago. Then he was arrested and charged with murder, but member of his “influential community”, according to Punch, were able to secure bail for the accused.

Muda has since been arrested two more times, but police forces were seemingly unable to keep him locked up. Punch cites a police detective who said the accused “continues to find his way out of prison”, which he describes frustrating to their investigations.

However, policemen attached to Area D Command, Mushin, remained on Muda’s trail. He was arrested last Thursday at about 2 p.m. complete with forged travel documents.

“We found forged documents on him including a fake identity card portraying the suspect as a supervisor with the Lagos State Waste Management Agency,” a police source told Punch.

Muda’s running days may be over. According to the reports, he has confessed to being part of the infamous cult and killing “many people”. He also reportedly gave up other members of his gang.

Police spokesperson Ngozi Braide confirmed the arrest and says the suspect is being transferred to State Crime Investigation Department for further investigation.

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