June 25, 2017

Woman allegedly beats ill three-year old to death for vomiting

Rebecca Bassey, the 21-year old woman accused of killing her three-year old husband’s niece, Deborah Bassey, has been arraigned in a Lagos court in Ebute Meta.

Punch Metro reported that the suspect allegedly beat the toddler to death for vomiting. According to the police report, the father of the deceased had sent her to live with his brother after his wife, Deborah’s mother, died in 2010.

On the day of her death, little Deborah had woken up with a high temperature and started vomiting, which allegedly angered the murder suspect who began beating the child.

Neighbours who rushed Deborah to the hospital said the child had been bleeding from the head. She was taken to Ahmadiyya Hospital where doctors there referred her to Orile Agege General Hospital. She died at that hospital.

Rebecca was arrested and charged with murder.

Inspector Frank Inah, the police prosecutor said the older Mrs. Bassey had hit Deborah with an iron chair, adding that she confessed to the crime and investigators have fingerprint evidence to support their claim.

Despite the evidence and an alleged confessional statement, Mr. Olabisi Kolawole, counsel to the accused defends his client’s actions as scriptural.

He said: “The charge does not represent the true facts of the case. The scripture says spare the rod and spoil the child. It was a mere spank that led to the death of the deceased. She has been taking care of this child for a very long time.”

Mrs. Bassey was denied bail and will remain in prison until trial begins on October 2.

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