June 26, 2017

South Africa policeman arrested over “filming sex with prostitutes”

And in really creepy news, South African metro police are investigating one of their own who allegedly demanded sex from prostitutes operating along Durban’s Point precinct and then filmed his sexual exploits against their will.

The explicit footage was discovered by the officers now ex-girlfriend, who eagerly brought down the swift arm of justice on her cheating mate.

Daily News reports that she opened the files on two BlackBerry memory cards which she claims she found in one of her jackets. In directing his amateur flick, the offending officer forces the sex-workers to expose their private parts to the camera and is verbally abusive.

The footage shows that the abuse took place in a warehouse and also in the officer’s patrol vehicle. The Daily News is in possession of the videos and confirms the content.

The video is not suitable for publication, but according to the report the women in the video seemed “uncomfortable with being filmed and ask him to stop. In one instance, a woman who realized she was being filmed, leapt from the car before the footage ended.”

There are a total of six video clips, ranging from 20 seconds to a minute long.

The officer’s ex-girlfriend reportedly turned the footage in to the police force and hoped action would be taken immediately, but was angry when investigations stalled.

Metro police spokesman, Eugene Msomi, confirmed an internal investigation had been opened. He admits the investigation is slow going, but says the department wants to be thorough.

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