July 27, 2017

52-year old mid-wife shares amazing story of how she became a mom after waiting 19 years

Mrs Kate Fezigha, 52, has described the birth of her baby after 19 years of marriage as “the Lord’s doing”.

Fezigha-mother_babyAt a thanksgiving service in a Bayelsa church, Fezigha, a mid-wife who has, in the course of her long career with the General Hospital, delivered several hundred women of their babies, shared her heart-warming story about finally joining the rank of motherhood herself.

She christened her baby girl Prudent, her first child with her husband whom she married in 1994 at age 33. They journey to parenthood was certainly tumultuous.

With each passing year, as her chances of carrying her own child dwindled, Fezigha attempted to adopt a child, but was swindled by a Bayelsa-based orphanage.

So her waiting continued.

“It was not an easy experience to see others through the child bearing process and not to have your own child. And it is particularly touching when I have had a very successful professional practice as a midwife,” she told the congregation in Yenagoa on Sunday, the News Agency of Nigeria reported.

But she resolved to remain steadfast in her faith and her work as a midwife. After her attempt to adopt went awry, Fezigha said she decided to “disturb” God any longer with her prayers for a child.

“If he decides to give me a child, so be it,’’ Fezigha said in her testimony.

When she became pregnant, Fezigha could hardly believe it.

“I even told my husband that it is false pregnancy,” she said.

But as the months progressed, so did her pregnancy. She said the miraculous conception and birth has stunned many.

“Those who knew me could not believe it and screamed when they see my swollen stomach. When they see me, they scream and shout praise the Lord,’’ the joyful new mom said.

Mrs. Fezigha had this piece of advise to give other women hoping for a child, “keep trusting God.”

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