July 27, 2017

OJ Simpson has only three months to live – prison sources

A deadly combination of an extreme case of diabetes and an unhealthy lifestyle behind bars has left controversial figure OJ Simpson with only three months to live, sources claim.

OJ-Simpson-EpochTimesDoctors have expressed concern for Simpson, who is serving out a 33-year sentence for a 2008 robbery. They say his “sky high” blood pressure and rapidly increasing weight and lack of physical activity in jail make for a very sick Simpson.

Simpson’s lawyer Ozzie Fumo denies this however, telling the Daily Mail that his client is in “very good” health.

Fumo, who said he visited Simpson as recently as Saturday, told MailOnline that he “spent a lot of time with him preparing for the retrial motion and he never once mentioned diabetes”.

But the Mail cites tabloids that report Simpson now weighs 300 pounds and prison doctors have encouraged him to exercise and eat more healthy foods to combat his blood pressure and diabetes.

“OJ’s doctors have told him he could be dead in as little as three months because of his out-of-control blood sugar and blood pressure,” a source told The Enquirer.

The source alleged that Simpson is deliberately refusing to take care of his health and is planning his own death. Simpson has also reportedly asked a few of his friends to stow away some of his cash, $2 million in all, in offshore accounts so that his son and daughter can access it after his death.

Hiding away the money is in direction violation with the 1997 court ruling that determined that Simpson owes $21 million to the relatives of Ron Goldman, who he was accused of killing alongside his wife.

While he was acquitted of murder, he was found at fault in a wrongful death civil suit.

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