July 23, 2017

Snake for dinner? See inside Nigeria’s biggest snake market (VIDEO)

Snakes are scary, slithery and often poisonous creatures, but in one Nigeria market, they are food.

Nigeria’s biggest snake market is located in Badagry, on the outskirts of Lagos and BattaBox correspondent Odunayo takes into the bustling market where coils of dried snakes are stacked, priced and ready to go.

One snake seller, Bati, says the snakes are from the Benin Republic and she has been selling it to Nigerians who come from as far as Ondo and Oyo to Badagry market, near the Benin border, to purchase the unusual treat.

“People really love snake! They come from far and wide to eat!” says one young woman is buying a large bag, full of snakes.

“We buy from here and then use it to cook as Pepper Soup… its tastes to delicious and sweet – it tastes like fish.”

The large snakes cost up to N1400 ($9) and the smaller ones, N500 ($3).

While many Nigerians believe it a healthy meal, recent studies have shown a huge decline in the snake population in Nigeria.

Watch the video below:

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