June 26, 2017

Meet Sujari Brit, 11 years old and a prodigy cellist

At only 11-years old, Sujari Britt, a cellist, is prodigy whose skill with the string instrument far surpasses her years.


Source: YouTube | Sujari Britt, 11, prodigy cellist

She was two-years old when she began tinkering on the piano, her mother said, but when she realized that her daughter was not just tinkering but actually making music she had her husband start giving the toddler actual lessons.

The piano was just the first step into the world of music for Sujari who says her life “would be impossible” without it.

“Then I heard Yo Yo Ma playing ‘Kim Yo Se Schezwan’ and I simply fell in love with it,” Sujari said. She was four-years old at the time, and after begging her parents for it, she got her first cello, which she called “My Voice”.

Sujari explains: “The reason why I really wanted to play the cello is because it has a very deep tone.”

Her instructor at the Manhattan School of Music, Marion Feldman, describes Sujari as one of her most talented students.

“Sometimes, I think that Sujari must have played the cello in another lifetime because she has such an innate understanding of the instrument as though she knew it before and is just reteaching her hands how to play it,” the instructor said.

Sujari has far exceeded the expectations and talents of her father, also a musician. At five, she had her first solo performance. At age eight, she performed for President Barack Obama at the White House.

Watch her amazing and inspiring story below. We doubt even the skies could limit this prodigy.


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