June 25, 2017

Nigerian oil tycoon’s daughter becomes first black marchioness after controversial wedding

Emma McQuiston, daughter of millionaire Nigerian oil tycoon, became the first black marchioness over the weekend when she tied the knot to the future Marquess of Bath, Caewlin Thynn, but the marriage is anything but a fairy tale.


Newly weds: Emma Mcquiston and Caewlin Thynn

Not everyone shared in the couple’s love and happiness, including Thynn’s parents who were conspicuously absent from the wedding ceremony at the landed gentry’s familial seat of hereditary power, Longleat House in Wiltshire.

It was a snub felt severely by McQuiston, who has said she does not feel welcome in her husband’s elite world.

The black marchioness claims she is discriminated against because of the ethnicity and background.

Thynn’s brand-new wife told Tattler magazine: “There’s class and then there’s the racial thing. It’s a jungle and I’m going through it and discovering things as I grow up.

“I’m not super-easily offended but it’s a problem when someone’s making you feel different or separate because of your race.

“I have never had anything horrible said or happen, but it is something you sense. You can just tell with some people.”

The Voice reports that Lord Bath, the current Marquess and his son, Caewlin, already had a long-standing feud over the son’s decision to renovate the family home.

Thynn reportedly took down some erotic paintings that adorned the walls of his family home and his eccentric father, Lord Bath had threatened to boycott the wedding because of it.

Lady Bath, real name Anna Gael, 69, on her part does not approve of her new daughter-in-law.

“She has asked her son to call it off,” The Daily Mail quoted a family friend saying.

“She seems to think Emma isn’t good enough for him. Emma’s a lovely girl and is understandably hurt by this, as is her family. But Ceawlin loves Emma and won’t be swayed,” added the anonymous source.

McQuiston’s mother, Suzanna McQuiston, has said she is surprised by the ill treatment of her daughter at the hands of Lord and Lady Bath.

She told the Mail on Sunday: “They’ve both known Emma since she was three-and-a-half. She’s a wonderful, incredibly beautiful and sweet girl. I just can’t understand it.

“One thing I would say is that I don’t want people going on about snobbery. Emma has been a regular at Longleat since she was three-and-a-half.”

But for the Marquess of Bath, his anger is regards his erotic art works.

The Marquess of Bath said: “It’s my life’s work and he’s quietly binned it.

“It’s killed my relationship with him and I don’t feel inclined to pay any interest in his wedding,” the Lord of the house added.

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