July 23, 2017

The gang rapists of Dandora, slum where three gang rapes are reported daily

In Dandora, one of Nairobi’s most dangerous and notorious slums, gang rape is a common occurrence and authorities in Kenya are seemingly helpless in the face of the heinous crime.

gang-rape-dandoraDennis Okari, investigative reporter for Kiss TV, brings the chilling report of how girls are abducted, tortured and raped for days in an area that is fast becoming the “rape capital of the city”, according to the reporter.

The locals in Dandora, home to one of the largest garbage piles in the East Africa country have a name for the common crime, calling it “kuchotwa”.

“Gang rape has become so normal, there is no telling where and when the perpetrators of this vicious crime will strike,” Okari said in his two-part report (WATCH BELOW).

During his investigation, he meets a rape victim who told of her harrowing two-day ordeal at the brutal hands of a rape gang. In parts of the slum community, the gang operates freely. They are called the “army” by locals and girls, like the victim seen in this report, are called “food for army”.

Her face is blurred so as to protect her identity. The young girl told the reporter of how she was raped by a group of young men between the ages of 14 and 16 who first beat her mercilessly.

Her cries for help were ignored by those in the area.

She said she was forced into an empty home and taken to a bed. When she refused to remove her clothing as ordered, one of the boys beat her up.

“For two days, my mother didn’t know where I was,” the young girl said.

“My friends from fortress (Fortress of Hope, an organisation that aids victims) found me and took me home. My mother beat me up, she didn’t understand.”

The reporter Okari says the Dandora neighbourhood is ideal for the gangs, explaining that the difficult terrain aids easy escape for them.

An elder in the community, Ali Mkasa, referred to the gang as “idle youth who rob people”.

Mkasa credits “a lot of empty houses and others under construction” for aiding the criminal gangs in Dandora.

He says the gang of mostly teens are “many and armed with crude weapons”.

Another victim, who tells her story to the reporter, is resigned to the fate of the community. She says: “They are used to raping girls”.

One particular gang rape case exposed just how helpless this community feels. Okari learns of a young girl who was gang raped by a group of 15 boys on several occasions and when authorities failed to come to her aid, she joined the same gang that raped her and is the only girl in their midst.

Monica Waithera, a local official in Dandora, confirmed that the girl had come to them for help, but said the victim’s mother was “not serious” about helping her child.

Waithera receives at least three reports of gang rape on a daily basis, but receives little help from the government.

Phylis Mbeke from the Fortress of Hope says she is glad more girls are speaking out about gang rape in Dandora. She says the biggest challenge still remains the unwillingness of many victims to speak out against their attackers and lack of tough laws by the Kenyan government.

The police, she adds, are also unwilling to go up against the gang rapists of Dandora.

Watch the powerful report below:

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