June 26, 2017

Woman raped, beaten and buried alive in Bonny Island, body exhumed (VIDEO)

The YouTube video posted below is really graphic, so viewers please be warned.

The video was apparently recorded in 2012 and showed the exhumation of a Nigerian woman who was raped, beaten and buried alive in Bonny Island, Rivers State.

Joint Task Force operatives, who were alerted to the horrid crime, unearthed the remains of the victim 12 hours after she was buried in a shallow grave.

The video was posted on YouTube by a user, Onyejekwe Macdonald, who said he was present when the body was exhumed.

In his comments on the video, he said the victim was “at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Macdonald claimed the victim’s boyfriend, an alleged gangster, was involved in a turf war that led to the brutal demise of the young woman.

“They were at war with another group, they were fighting for control of crude oil theft. It is a cartel war!”

The culprits were apprehended by the JTF.

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