June 25, 2017

Disrupted wedding at the Overcomers Church; the REAL story


A lot has been said about the disrupted wedding at the Overcomers Church World Outreach in Aguda between Ms. Uloma Agwu and Mr. Solomon Akiyesi, and not all of it has been true.

Petty bloggers (shout out to Linda Ikeji) have seized upon the opportunity to spread hurtful lies about the couple in the interest of getting a few extra hits on their sites.

I am a member of the Overcomers Church World Outreach, a proud one, and Ms. Uloma Agwu is my family, a beloved one. To see her wedding to Nollywood actor Mr. Solomon Akiyesi, completely overturned today was horrid.

It was supposed to be a day of great joy and gladness for family and friends, but there was so much sorrow attached to this day.

We have just returned from the church and our spirits are low, so when I get online and see gossip monger Linda Ikeji spreading lies about a woman she doesn’t know and has never met, it saddens and weakens me all the more.

My aunt Uloma, was meant to wed Solomon, a man she has known for years, today on April 13. To the best of our knowledge, Solomon was single. A good man who was set on marrying my aunt. We were happy and excited for today.

But at about 11:45 a.m., right after the praise and worship and before the officiating minister even started the sermon, a woman, who Linda Ikeji has now identified as Lillian, stormed into the church, waving a wedding photo of her and Solomon.

Lillian together with her friends and family caused such a disruption. It was one of the ugliest scenes I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing.

A scuffle ensued when members of the church attempted to remove Lillian and her group, they numbered about 10 or so. They caused such chaos and it was not necessary. My father, Bishop N.E. Moses, is the pastor of the Overcomers Church. I know for a fact that he would NOT have entertained the idea of a wedding had he known of an existing lawful relationship between Solomon and Lillian.

I know this because I know the characters involved in this sordid story.

I was shamed by the scene that transpired at my house of worship. Had Lillian come to the church and, in a manner befitting an adult, alerted officials as to the nature of her relationship with Mr. Akiyesi, believe me that wedding will not have held and this scene would not have occurred. Lillian was bent on causing a scene and wrecking havoc. In that regard, she was a stunning success.

It took about an hour for order to be restored. It was supposed to be a double wedding at the Overcomers Church, so Rev. Simeon Okeke, the officiating minister, went ahead and conducted the wedding of the second couple.

After hours of deliberation with Bishop N.E. Moses behind closed doors, Mr. Akiyesi and Ms. Agwu returned to the auditorium at about 2:30 p.m. Solomon was apologetic about the horrid scene and accepted blame for not properly dissolving his previous relationship before seeking to enter another. He apologised for “cutting corners”, as he said, and promised to do the right thing by all the parties involved. His future no longer involved my aunt Ulo, however.

Solomon lay no blame at Lillian’s feet, despite her callous display in a house of worship. He admitted he was in the wrong.


Bishop Moses also apologised to the church and urged us to take from this a lesson, “be careful and weigh the consequences of each decision you make” (I would add – the things you say and write online for the benefit of Linda Ikeji).

The founder of the Overcomers Church prayed for the couple, but did not legally wed them. No documents were signed because the Overcomers Church is not looking to break the law.

Gossip is ugly

I love my aunt Uloma. She is so deserving of happiness and this was such a hurtful blow.

So for Linda Ikeji or others like her to take to the internet and write such hurtful things about a person they don’t know… it shows the wickedness in man’s heart, doesn’t it?

For the record, the only woman who claimed to be pregnant is Lillian. My Aunty Uloma is NOT pregnant, regardless of what LI says in her blog.

I realise I don’t pull the same weight as LI does online – it is easier for people to gravitate towards salacious gossip and ugly lies – but I still want to put the truth out there. If only one or two people read this, I would know that I have done my best to counter the lies that are bound to spread.

This is the truth. Let’s not be quick to judge this situation without having all the facts. There is a woman who is nursing a broken heart, so instead of spreading lies about her to get a few hits on your blog, or just to be in on the latest gossip, show a little compassion, a little tenderness. What goes around, comes around.

- Written by Chika Moses

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  • D-T


  • D-T

    Ok I didnt read the whole story before posting my previous comment. After reading I feel bad for the other lady (ur aunt) and i apologise. Solomon is to blame here and what he did was certainly immature and unholy. Yes he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I am not casting stones here just saying he was with his wife in PH two weeks ago, she is pregnant, he lied to her he’s going to shoot a movie in lagos this weekend and he still LIVES with her in PH, what does that tell you? He was not thinking of dissolving his relationship with her. He clearly planned to deceive both women into thinking he’s for each of them only.

    I pray your aunt and solomon’s wife’s hearts get healed, may God be you, your family, Solomon’s wife/her unborn baby and anyone who was innocent in this case.

    Once again, my apologies for my previous comment.

    God bless you!

  • D-T

    By the way, Solomon is popular…how didnt your aunt know he’s married? Mehn, i give up…

    all the best.

  • http://www.pilotafrica.com/ Pilot Africa

    Thank you D-T. We regret the ugliness of today, but thankful that it put a stop to what would have been a disastrous union. In that, God used Lillian to bless my family today.

    Chika Moses

  • http://www.pilotafrica.com/ Pilot Africa

    No one is immune to deception. Are you? If there was dishonesty here, it was not from my aunt Ulo.

  • Ronke

    Sorry for your aunt but you cannot blame his wife. She must have been so angry with him. She would have thought everyone was in cahoots with this Solomon fellow. I am sure being calm would have been the last thing on her mind. That man is a disgrace. Did you read his comment on twitter. He doesn’t sound like much of a Christian to me

  • sola

    He admitted he was wrong because he was caught. Stop trying to make him sound honorable and his wife like she was the one at fault. His wife over-reacted but put yourself in her shoes. None of this would have happened if he had been honest. He is the one who hurt your aunt and I am sure he would have been living a double life if he had not been caught.

  • sola

    And there are two women nursing a broken heart. Not one. Don’t forget that. One is the mother of his unborn child. and quick question is divorce that easily acceptable in your church because you sort of make it sound like that

  • sola

    “He admits he did not properly dissolve his previous marriage to his first wife and says he is determined to do what is necessary to rectify the awful situation” — in short does that mean divorce his pregnant first wife properly so he can remarry

  • http://www.pilotafrica.com/ Pilot Africa

    Divorce is not easily accepted in any Bible believing church. I didn’t say it was an ideal situation, and I don’t condemn Lillian for putting a stop to the wedding. In that regard, she was a God-send. The way she went about it was unnecessary. If I were in her shoes, I’d have come to the woman being the deceived and not publicly humiliate her. Neither woman, as you have pointed out, is the villain here, but to shame someone innocent in your bid to take your anger out on someone else, no matter how justified, is in bad taste. Don’t you agree?

    Chika Moses

  • http://www.pilotafrica.com/ Pilot Africa

    Or it could mean, come clean and do right by your legal wife, which is what both families decided on. Don’t look for meanings in my words to justify your prejudice.

    Chika Moses

  • http://www.pilotafrica.com/ Pilot Africa

    Ronke, you are right. It was not very Christian of him. I say again. I don’t blame Lillian for stopping the wedding. I just disapprove strongly of the way she did it. No one deserved that. Had she alerted church officials before the ceremony even started (and she was there early enough to have done that), OVERCOMERS CHURCH would have stopped the wedding IMMEDIATELY. She would have saved herself, her family and the church (a house of worship) the disgrace and gossip. Even Lillian’s father was not pleased with the way it went down. He said as much later on that day.

    Chika Moses

  • David Alabi

    I have known the ministry of Bishop E.N. Moses for over 3 decades and was shocked until I read this version of the story after frantic online search. Despite the deceit of the Solomon, I believe somebody within the church system compromised the system.
    I know churches like Overcomers do due dilligence when it comes to issues of marriage but like every system run by human beings, it is subject to compromise. I pray the broken hearts get mended.

  • http://www.pilotafrica.com/ Pilot Africa

    Thank you for seeking out the truth. Watch the video response from Bishop N.E. Moses here – http://bit.ly/129GqTa

    Chika Moses