July 23, 2017

Three-year old boy named ‘Jihad’ wears t-shirt that reads “I am a bomb” to school

A concerned nursery school teacher alerted the police when one of her pupils came into school wearing a t-shirt with the words “I am a bomb” written across his chest, according to SBS News.

His mother is set to appear in French court for dressing her three-year old son, who she named ‘Jihad’, in the t-shirt.

Written on the back of the t-shirt was the little boy’s name and underneath that, “Born September 11.”

The mother says her son’s name is in fact “Jihad” and he was born on September 11, 2009. She claims to be surprised at the controversy her son’s wardrobe has caused.

She told La Provence newspaper that she “didn’t intend anything by it.”

“The word ‘bomb’ is used in the sense that he is a beautiful kid, nothing more,” she said.

In French, ‘bomb’ is slang for ‘hot stuff’, according to SBS News.

She apologized for shocking the public and clarified that she is a Muslim, but not a practicing one.

“I live a European lifestyle. It’s just a simple phrase on a t-shirt, there’s nothing dangerous about it,” she said.

The 32-year old mother said the t-shirt was a gift from the boy’s uncle. Both mother and uncle are set to appear in court in Avignon on December 19.

They may face a suspended jail sentence and a symbolic fine of one euro, the report said.

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