June 25, 2017

Fresh oil spill in Bayelsa disrupts fishing communities in Nembe

Local fishermen have spotted yet another leak last week in the oil-rich Bayelsa state. The fresh oil spill was reported at the Obama flow station trunk belonging to Nigerian Agip Oil company in Nembe Creek, the Vanguard said.

The spill has disrupted the daily fishing activities in the creeks and waterways and is reportedly spreading due to heavy water currents.

Creeks of Igbeta-Ewoama, Iwokiri, Sabaturo and other nearby fishing settlements in Nembe have been affected by the oil spill and local fishermen have accused Agip of doing a shoddy job of repairing a similar ruptured trunk line which caused a huge spill in July.

Chairman, Oil and Gas Committee of Nembe Kingdom, Chief Nengi James, said this latest oil spill is proof of the urgent need for a new and more careful approach by oil companies. He said instead of doing shabby repairs, the company should have changed the trunkline

James said: “Oil companies operating in the Niger Delta are now using harmful chemicals to suppress and induce oil spill into the water, with injurious effects on  sea foods, living organism and human beings.”

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