July 27, 2017

“Photo manipulation on steroids” – digital artist Michael Oswald transforms photos to illusions

For digital artist, Michael Oswald, Photoshop is a tool, a weapon he wields to transform a simple photograph into something outer worldly. He describes his art as “photo manipulation on steroids”.

Oswald, 30, who also goes by the name Michael O said on his website: “With the exception of the original digital photograph, my work is created entirely on a computer utilising my knowledge of digital techniques and the traditional art skills I learned in my younger days.

“I consider the ‘concept’ to be the best part of my work so I put a lot of thought into it and I try not to hold back from expressing myself.”

It may not be considered traditional art, but Mr Oswald doesn’t see a difference in the requirement.

“I believe that 50 per cent of skill in art is a natural born gift. Another 50 per cent is developed with practice.

“Paintbrushes and computers are just tools. The standard rules of art, like composition, always apply and the medium is just a personal choice so, everything I learned in basic art classes still applies today.”

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