July 23, 2017

15-year-old Kaduna girl commits suicide after argument with father

A 15-year-old girl on Thursday committed suicide after her father scolded her, the Daily Trust reported. It is not clear if that was the only deciding factor leading up to the young girl’s rash and sad decision.

A source told the Daily Trust that the girl, who lived on Kwanan Bola street in Kaduna metropolis with her father, took a poisonous substance after the argument with her father. She lost consciousness soon after and when she was discovered her family gave her milk to slow the effect of the poison and rushed her to the hospital.

The young girl was pronounced dead on arrival, however. Sympathizers were seen paying their respects at the home of the young girl and consoling her parents.

Her father, a police officer, said he had only “talked to her about an issue which I do not like”.

He said it had been a mere argument, with no physical abuse or much animosity.

“I told her I was not happy with her behavior. I said Id o not like seeing boys around her, that is all we talked about. I never raised my hand to beat her,” the father said.

He said his daughter had apologized for the argument the following morning and they had patched things up before he left the house.

“I was at the office when I received a phone call that I should come home immediately that my daughter has been rushed to Garkuwa hospital. Before I got there, I received another call that I should come straight home where I met her lifeless body,” the grieving father said.

Both father and daughter hadn’t always lived together, the Daily Trust article said. The deceased had only moved back home with her father for her secondary school education. The baffled father said his daughter had just completed her junior secondary school education.

While the mother of the deceased has refused to speak about it, saying she has left everything to God, the police are taking the matter into their own hands. Police spokesman in the state, DSP Aminu Lawan says the father, a member of the force, has been invited for questioning.

“We have invited the father for questioning because it seems there was a problem between him and his daughter before she died,” he said.

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