June 26, 2017

Meet the Strange couple who covered their home with flowers

The Stranges have spent the better part of 26 years making a blooming spectacle of their home. Anne and Robin Strange say they spend every spare hour covering their home in summer flowers of every bright and vivid colour imaginable, and they are still adding to their display.

They spend hundreds of pounds buying seeds and plants, hours nurturing them inside a green house before putting them on display outside their home in mid June, the Daily Mail reported.

Mrs. Strange, 65, said her horticulture hobby with her hubby began when they were in York and saw beautiful hanging baskets, saying “we were inspired to create our own”.

“We have been planting more and more flowers ever since,” she said.

Mrs. Strange works at forestry and spends her evenings and weekends tending her extensive gardens. It pays off.

The Stranges live in Coniston Cold in North Yorkshire and their home is show stopper often admired by passing motorists.

“People think its great, we get cards from people we have never even met.”

One admirer, she said, sends a gift voucher every Christmas to express her appreciation for the Stranges’ work of art.

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