July 23, 2017

Nigerian navy intensifies search for 4 foreigners kidnapped in pirate attack

The Nigerian navy has confirmed that it is intensifying its search for four foreigners kidnapped during a pirate attack on an oil vessel belonging to the Sea Trucks Group off the Gulf of Guinea on Saturday.

Spokesman for the Navy, Commodore Kabir Aliyu, said this to the AFP in an interview.

According to the report, naval officers will be combing through creeks and waterways in the region in hopes of finding the kidnappers and their victims.

“We are leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to get back these four foreigners who were kidnapped aboard the vessel. We are redoubling our efforts,” a naval officer said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Corrie van Kessel, a spokeswoman for the oil company said their primary concern was for the safe release of the hostages who she confirmed were from Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia and Thailand.

She refused to give any more information on the progress of investigations for fear of jeopardizing the search and release of the victims.

Sea Trucks Group was founded as a Nigerian firm in 1977 and is involved in the oil and gas sector in the Niger Delta. It also operates in Australia and East Asia.

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