July 23, 2017

Container falls off trailer, kills Lagos pedestrian

A tragic accident has been reported at the Berger area of the Lagos Ibadan expressway where a container fell from a moving trailer killing one female pedestrian.

According to the Punch report, the trailer was leaving Lagos at about 7 a.m. this morning when it lost one of its tires. The driver lost control of the trailer and as he struggled to regain it, the freight container tipped over the right side, killing the female pedestrian instantly.

The report said traffic officials were on the scene and were able to use a crane to lift the truck and container off the road.

The identity of the unfortunate victim is still unknown. Reports said she had been awaiting a bus when she met the tragic fate.

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  • Gaius

    hi, my name is Gaius. i am conducting an investigative report for a documentary on accidents involving trailers tipping over or containers falling in lagos metropolis and nationwide…cases similar to this one. i would appreciate it if anyone with information or who knows affected families that want their story told can please get in touch with me.. any information is welcomed. i can be reached at this email address> blackaerosmith@ymail.com