July 27, 2017

Shell reports two new leaks on Nigerian pipeline

Nigeria’s oil-producing giant, Royal Dutch Shell, announced on Monday that it has discovered two new leaks on one of its pipelines in the oil-rich Rivers State.

“Two new leaks were reported today (yesterday) on the Trans Niger pipeline at Akpajo and K-Dere in Ogoniland, after a similar number of leaks caused by hacksaw cuts were repaired at the weekend,” Precious Okolobo, spokesman for Shell’s Nigerian joint venture, said in a statement.

While he did not reveal the extent of environmental damage caused by the leaks, he assured that the affected line “has been isolated and production switched to an alternative line.”

“A joint investigation team will determine the cause and extent of the leaks preparatory to repair work,” the statement said.

The Anglo-Dutch firm announced on Friday that it was shutting down its 60,000 barrels per day Bonny Light facility due to oil theft and warned that it might not meet contractual obligations as a result.

The company has long complained of vandalism and oil theft in the delta where illegal refineries and oil bunkering is big business. Shell, criticised for massive oil spills and environmental degradation in Nigeria’s south, also blamed the vandalism for some of the spills in the region.

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