July 23, 2017

British court jails man who fathered three children with his daughter

A British Court on Friday sentenced a man to five years and ten months in prison and ordered him to register as a sex offender after it was discovered that he had lived like “husband and wife” with his vulnerable daughter and fathered three children with her.

Judge Merfryn Hughes who handed down the judgement told the accused that the girl had been “completely and totally under your influence”, adding that she was an “extremely vulnerable young girl” when the abuse started.

The man, aged 47, had admitted to having sex with his daughter, now in her early 20s. Prosecutor Kate Meridith Jones told the court that the victim was only 15 years old when her father first told her he was falling in love with her, according to the Daily Mail.

The prosecutor said the man had gotten his daughter drunk on whiskey “which she didn’t normally drink” and had made sexual advances which the young girl had initially rebuffed, saying “No, you can’t – you’re my dad”.

But the father later had sex with his daughter the following day and every night afterward, according to the report.

The young woman told police that she was a “willing participant” in the sexual activities.

“They had lived like husband and wife,” the prosecutor said, “sharing a double bed.”

Attention was first brought to the bizarre situation after the girl gave birth to the first child for her father. He had claimed then that the baby was fathered by someone else.

Social services continued to monitor the family and suspicions grew when the second child was born, but the family “closed ranks” then refusing to divulge any information.

The truth was learned after the third child was born and the man admitted to his abusive relationship with his daughter.

‘You have been a controlling influence in her life ever since then. You are a considerable risk to someone like her.’

Judge Hughes said at Caernarfon crown court: ‘There’s considerable and significant potential impact of genetic complications in all three cases.’

Being on the sex offenders’ register bans the man from having an intimate relationship with an adult woman with children without informing social services.

But the situation is far from resolved. The prosecutor said the young mother is asking that he be allowed to return to the family home.

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