July 27, 2017

Pakistan: Successful procedure reduces baby’s six legs to two

Doctors in Pakistan on Thursday said they have completed a complicated operation on a one-in-a-million baby boy born with six legs, successfully removing his four extra limbs.

The baby boy born to an x-ray technician, Imran Sheikh, and his wife of four-years, is believed to have had a parasitic twin that had failed to develop properly, resulting in the extra legs.

Born in Sukkur, the unique baby was transported to Karachi, a major city in Pakistan, where a team of five doctors at the National Institute of Child Health fought to save his life.

The head of the NICH, Jamal Raza, said the boy had been born with a rare genetic defect that only affects one in a million babies.

‘It was strange that apparently an abnormal baby with six legs was as normal as other children,’ he said.

MRIs, CT Scans and blood tests were carried out on the baby prior to the surgery and the surgeons and to determine which limbs belonged to him and which were his parasitic twin’s.

The struggling technician and his wife, who declared their son a blessing long awaited, expressed his gratitude to the medical team for carrying out the complicated and costly procedure, with no charge to him.

‘We are a poor family. I am thankful to the government and doctors for helping us successful operating my baby,’ he said.

He said they were planning on naming their son Umar Farooq.

Baby boy Umar is still being examined by doctors who want to be certain he is hale and hearty and set to lead a normal life on two legs.

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