June 25, 2017

Italy to assist Nigeria in the war on terror

The Italian government said on Thursday that it is willing to work with Africa’s most populous nation to tackle security challenges posed by the nation’s radical Boko Haram sect.

Italian special envoy on humanitarian emergencies, Margherita Boniver, currently visiting Nigeria, commended the collaboration between Nigerian and Italian security forces “on a number of specific issues, including terrorism, human trafficking, to roll back poverty, to enhance inter-religious dialogue and the full observation of human rights.”

Boniver vowed that the Italian government will continue to support Nigeria in its war against the Boko Haram sect, known to carry out brutal attacks in the northern part of the country.

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu, who received the envoy, further added that the FG would be looking to the African Union for assistance as well.

He expressed his regrets at the murder of Italian citizen, Franco Lamolinaro who was kidnapped alongside Briton Chris McManus in Sokoto. Both foreigners had been shot dead only hours before a failed rescue attempt by a combination of British and Nigerian forces earlier this year.

He assured the delegates that the Nigerian government is already taking steps to dealing with the problem of terrorism.

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