June 25, 2017

UK warns of violent attacks in Nigeria over Easter holiday

The United Kingdom is warning citizens living in or travelling to Nigeria to remain vigilante as “there is a high threat of terrorist attack during religious festivals” such as the upcoming Easter holiday.

In an updated travel advisory published online Thursday, the Foreign Office urged citizens to “exercise particular vigilance and caution” during the religious holiday as radical sect Boko Haram has been known to strike on religious holidays, including the series of attacks on Christmas Day last year that claimed over 40 lives.

“Attacks could be indiscriminate, including government and security institutions, international organisations as well as public areas such as markets, hotels, shopping centres, places of worship and other areas frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers.”

Major cities in the north, including Kano and Maiduguri have reportedly shored up security measures to protect against possible attacks, even as the Nigerian army issued a warning this week of a possible terrorist attack in Kano.

The warning was released on Wednesday after Army spokesman, Lt. Ikedichi Iweha, confirmed the arrest of three suspected Boko Haram members who had allegedly killed a soldier at a checkpoint in Kano.

Iweha, who paraded the bodies od the dead suspects at the Bukanu Baracks late Wednesday afternoon, said two AK 47 rifles, two pistols and other weapons had been recovered from the suspects’ car.

The JTF spokesman warned Nigerians to be cautious during the holiday, warning a deadly violent strike could be in the horizon in the holiday season.

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