June 26, 2017

Leap year dad and son celebrate 11th birthdays in the same year

James Clarke will celebrate his birthday on 29 February, something he does only once every four years as it is a leap day.

Clarke, who was born in 1968, is technically 44 years old, but in 2012 the leap year baby will be celebrating his 11th birthday as he has missed 33 so far.

Is he bummed out to have missed out on 33 special days? Nope!

The car salesman says he was glad to have missed out on birthday beatings from his friends during his growing up years.

“You know what children are like – especially boys. We were always giving each other birthday bumps or beats.

“But I usually got away with it because on February 28 I’d tell them “it’s my birthday tomorrow” and then on March 1 I’d say “my birthday was yesterday”.”

Even more bizarre than celebrating his 11th birthday at 44 is the fact that Clarke’s son, Seamus will turn 11 just hours before on February 28, something the young son gleefully reminds his father of every chance he gets, leading up to their joint 11th birthday party.

“Seamus finds it hilarious that he will turn 11 before me,” revealed James.

“He’s been telling all of his friends at school and they have a good laugh – it’s a real big deal for him.”

Leap year babies often celebrate their birthdays on 28 February or 1 March. The leap day occurs as a result of the accumulation of six additional hours every year over a period of four years as the earth orbits the sun.

Fun fact: the day is seen as an opportunity for women to go against tradition and propose to their partners.

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