July 23, 2017

How many push ups can First Lady Michelle Obama do?

Michelle Obama shows you just how she got her “guns of steel” knocking out 25 push-ups on American television.

President Barack Obama’s wife and first lady of the United States was being interviewed by Ellen Degeneres and promoting her health and fitness agenda on the daytime talk show when the host challenged her.

DeGeneres asked the First Lady about her work out routine, especially how many press ups she could do, adding that she too could also do a push up.

Mrs Obama teased DeGeneres about her “back issues”, before the 54-year-old rose tossed down the gauntlet, removing her jacket.

The First Lady embraced the competition, taking off her black leather jacket as the audience applauded.

Both women decided to perform the push ups together, until they got to 20 when DeGeneres stopped, while the 48-year-old First Lady kept right on going, pressing out another five with ease.

“That was amazing,” said the defeated host. DeGeneres joked that she only stopped so as not to show off the First Lady.

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